National Arts Club Returns Fire in Aldon James PR War

Ms. Bernhard.

The National Arts Club sent out a press release today that sought to counter victorious statement made by former president Aldon James, and the document really reveals how contentious things have become in this case.

The club was dealt a blow this week when a Manhattan Supreme Court judge put an injunction on the club’s internal attempts to evict Mr. James from his apartments in the building. Mr. James responded to this by declaring that he and his cohorts were “taking back the club.”

Now, from the desk of the new president, Dianne Bernhard:

“O. Aldon James, currently under investigation by the New York City District Attorney’s office and the State Attorney General’s office for alleged financial misdeeds while at the helm of The National Arts Club, told the press: ‘We’re taking back the Club.’ But we’re asking: From whom is Mr. James taking it back? From the Members, to whom this Club rightfully belongs, who pay annual dues that support this public institution? Or is he taking it back from the democratically-elected Board of Governors that he himself voted for this past May?

And for what purpose is Mr. James taking back the Club? So that a quarter-century of neglect can continue until the building falls down around us, or law enforcement appoints a receiver? Or maybe he’s taking back the Club so he can continue using the Members’ dues to write questionable checks from the Club’s bank account without any oversight?

Yikes! Looks like there’s no end in sight here. Your move, Mr. James.

National Arts Club Returns Fire in Aldon James PR War