New York Comes Full Circle


Big things are happening in post-Fashion Week NYC. For the first time since the late 80s, all the hot young things are flooding to Wall Street. But unfortunately for Turnbull & Asser and half of the meatpacking district’s nightlife establishment, these kids aren’t spending all-nighters snorting drugs and waiting for the markets to open to Japan. They’re occupying Wall Street. And by occupying, we mean camping out in a semi-organized fashion in the Financial District, despite the fact that the financial district is no longer in the Financial District. And we have to admit, midtown just doesn’t have the same symbolic appeal.

The ruckus on Wall Street did manage to steal some of the thunder from Saturday Night Live’s premiere this weekend, when a perfectly coiffed Alec Baldwin broke the record number for guest-hosting gigs and somehow managed to refrain from Tweeting at his girlfriend during the show. But it was all downhill after his dead-on cold open as the Freudian tongue-slipping Rick Perry in the GOP debate.

Speaking of the GOP, Fox News partnered with Google to livestream the Republican debate, proving that at least some conservatives know how to work the YouTubes. We’re interested in seeing how Megyn Kelly continues her hosting duties, especially now that she’s out of the closet in support of transgender Chaz Bono performing on Dancing With the Stars. With the Fox and Friends America Live anchor busy being slightly more progressive than usual, she must have been thrilled with the LGBT-friendly Emmys this year, which brought in mucho viewers with Jane Lynch hosting and the ultra-Modern Family nabbing the most awards of the nights. Still, Mad Men secured enough wins to remind us that most people would rather be living in the misogynistic, whiskey-soaked world of Don Draper. Never underestimate nostalgia for the three-martini lunch.

Let’s not forget however, that even the kings of cool can stumble, as evidenced by Jay-Z’s baffling decision to be the new face of the New Jersey Nets…or the Brooklyn Nets?  No wait, Jersey. Brooklyn. Brooklyn! (Confusing! Was this Mikhail Prokhorov’s idea?) So if anyone needs those front-row season tickets to the Knicks, just shoot Beyonce’s baby-daddy an email before next September.

Rupert Murdoch might want to make a bid: after all, he’s got some extra cash floating around after selling his Long Island abode for $9.1 million. Which might get him… well, front-row season tickets for the Knicks. On second thought, he might want to hold on to that cash. Or at least keep it out of the markets­—which is just the kind of advice you’d hear from Anonymous protestors down on Wall Street right now.


Correction: A previous version of this story indicated that Ms. Kelly was a co-host of Fox & Friends. She is the host of Fox’s America Live. The New York Observer regrets the error.

New York Comes Full Circle