New Yorkers Back Vegas-Style Casinos: Poll

By a 20-point margin voters in New York State favor the creation of casinos “similar to those in Atlantic City and Las Vegas,” a new poll about by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute finds.

Support is 56 – 37 percent in New York City, 58 – 36 percent in the suburbs and 54 – 37 percent upstate.  Sixty-three percent say however that more casinos will lead to an increase in gambling addiction.

“Roll the dice.  Spin the wheel.  Hit me.  New Yorkers of every stripe say what stays in Vegas should stay in the Empire State as well,” said Q-Poll director Maurice Carroll. 

The poll also found that voters are much more divided on hydrofracking, a controversial natural gas drilling process that opponents fear could damage the water supply. Respondents supported it by a thin 45-41 margin.

“Would hydro-fracking produce jobs?   Overwhelmingly voters say yes.  Would it damage the environment?  Another yes – but less emphatically,” said  Carroll “Upstate voters, who have the most to gain in terms of jobs and the most to lose in terms of the environment, oppose natural gas drilling, while suburban voters support it.”

  New Yorkers Back Vegas-Style Casinos: Poll