'Occupy Wall Street:' The Music Video

Josh Lewis, the protester who tweeted his arrest Saturday after the Occupy Wall Street campaign marched on Union Square, put together a moody music video of the scene, below the jump.“The big thing for me right now is my hand is still extremely numb from the zipties,” Mr. Lewis, who is a musician, said today. “So that’s really, really frustrating me, like I could kinda cry a little bit right now. I’m a creative individual. I make money–I’ve made money in this city being a musician for a long time … I┬ádid absolutely nothing wrong. Now I’ve lost feeling in my hand and the way that I make money is using my hand.”

09/23/11; Day before Mass-Arrests from JRL on Vimeo.

Musicians seem to be taking to the protests–the rapper Immortal Technique played a concert at Zuccotti Park Sunday night, and chronic drum circles lend an agitating or festive vibe, depending on one’s state of mind. 'Occupy Wall Street:' The Music Video