Pancake House Opens For Pancake Business In Bushwick, East Village

IHOP is usually where you go during those trips back home after you’ve gotten drunk with friends, hooked up with that girl you went to high school with, and then puked out your dinner at 3 a.m. in mom’s parking lot. Anyone up for pancakes??

So yes, it’s a little unnerving to see not one, but two IHOP opening up in the Brooklyn/Manhattan area: it’s like finding out you can now order Moon Over My Hammy at The Spotted Pig. Well, not quite that bad, but…

Bucky Turco and the gang at NY diligently visited Bushwick opening of the pancake house yesterday, taking pictures of their meal for the inevitable Grub Street Report. They found the coffee “expensive…(but) infinite.” The Bushwick location is opening from 7 to midnight, which makes sense seeing that they’ve put that thing right on Flushing Ave and Broadway (conveniently located next to the Taco Bell, we hope.)

The East Village location is going to be a little more high-end than it’s Brooklyn counter-part: as part of its 24-hour convenience (think of it as the after-after party), it will have a security guard in place in the form of an off-duty cop.

“When people have a few drinks, they can get rowdy,” explained IHOP manager Michael Carlos. So while the Bowery and Electric Lights might just have a bouncer checking your IDs, it’s really IHOP that’s going to have the tightest security in all of the East Village…meaning of course that it’s definitely the spot you want to be at on a Friday night at 3 a.m. Just don’t even think about opening a Waffle House next door: the neighborhood has gone to crap enough as is.

IHOP East Village is located at 235 E. 14th St., at 3rd Ave. Please don’t go there “ironically.”

  Pancake House Opens For Pancake Business In Bushwick, East Village