Parties Heat Up as Weather Cools Down in the Eight-Day Week

Boardwalk Empire, on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 21

Hint of Limelight

The dog days are over. The lounging by the pool, the summer Fridays, the Hamptons benefits: all things of the past. And what better way to get back in the metropolitan mood than to recall all those strobe-lit, drug-addled memories of nightclubs in the ’90s? A little hazy? Well, jog your memory by reliving the sleaze of another Manhattan era with Limelight, a documentary about clubland’s presiding felon, Peter Gatien, who was once upon a time the overlord of four of N.Y.C.’s largest dens of excess—Tunnel, the Palladium, Club USA and Limelight. With no smokers left and drug use in clubs decidedly under the table, it’s hard to think that a time of such freewheeling and troublemaking was the norm in nightlife. Today, the places where party monsters once sought community (and asylum from the outside world) have been converted to Whole Foods salad bars, or Opening Ceremony changing rooms, or wine bars with Yacht Rock humming in the background. For those who were around during the Limelight era, a nightclub scene as celeb-saturated and buttoned-up as the meatpacking district may seem incomprehensible, but that’s how it ended up. (Thanks, Rudy! You were right. We were having way too much fun.) Thank god, then, for Billy Corben, the director, for reminding us that people used to really let it all go—and we don’t mean the expense account on bottle service. Sure, Mr. Gatien was eventually arrested for tax evasion, imprisoned and deported to his native Canada, but no matter! Just keep partying, keep partying.

Limelight opens in theaters today.


Thursday, September 22

Paintings for Patients

Mixing cocktails and coloring books is a very dangerous game. Get too tipsy, and you start crayon-ing outside the bolded boundaries. And that’s just embarrassing. So we advise you to go easy on the hard stuff at tomorrow’s annual benefit for RxArt, hosted by Chanel Beauté. (Or better still, indulge and leave the coloring to the kiddies.) The nonprofit will unveil the latest volume of Between the Lines, a coloring book featuring outlines by well-known artists such as Keith Haring, John Baldessari and Nate Lowman. Chanel didn’t have a blockbuster party this Fashion Week like it did last year—to which Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld brought his new muse, Blake Lively—so you’ll have to make do with this. Misshapes glaring gal Leigh Lezark and peppy model Poppy Delevingne are chairing the event. A silent auction will follow the cocktail hour, and all the proceeds go to RxArt, which places quality paintings in the hospital rooms of the bedridden. Overdo it at this bash, and you might be joining them in the infirmary, a Warhol over your head as you wake up in Bellevue without any recollection of what happened. And that chip in your tooth, did you get into a postevent fight at Hogs and Heifers again? This ain’t your kids’ coloring book party, that’s for sure!

RxArt Annual Benefit Party, 7 p.m. at the Highline Stages, 440 West 15th Street. Invitation only.


Friday, September 23

All Jammed Up

Break out the flannel! This Friday, IFC will begin screening Pearl Jam Twenty, Cameron Crowe’s documentary about the grunge legends’ two decades as a band. The Almost Famous director hasn’t collaborated with Eddie Vedder and the boys since the Singles soundtrack, so if you know every word to “Even Flow,” expect to be there. (We’re not big Pearl Jam fans ourselves, but no doubt this will be better than Elizabethtown. It couldn’t be worse.) Plus, if this doc happens to be a flop, you can quietly shove your shoebox of Alice in Chains concert stubs back under the bed and wait for Mr. Crowe’s fall feature, We Bought a Zoo, to come out. What is that movie about again? If you said it’s about Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson buying a zoo, you’d be right!

Pearl Jam Twenty opens today, IFC Center, 323 Sixth Avenue at West Third Street.


Saturday, September 24

Lay Down the Claw

Thinking of taking a crustacean vacation down to Chesapeake Bay this weekend, to get in one more clam bake before the chill of winter makes you pack up your Sperry’s for the season? There’s no need to hop on I-95. Just head to the Hammer & Claws Blue Crab Feast, where Maryland native Joshua Morgan, formerly of West Village’s Choptank restaurant, will treat Old Bay-deprived New Yorkers to beer, live music and a boatload of crabs. What, you’ve never had authentic, delicious Maryland crab before, lifelong New Yorker? Well, in that state you do the cracking yourself, with a bib down your shirt, wooden mallet in hand, and a tub of butter that better not go unused.

Hammer & Claws Maryland Blue Crab Feast, First seating 12 p.m.–4 p.m., second seating 7 p.m.–11 p.m., The Terminal Stores, 269 11th Avenue.

Parties Heat Up as Weather Cools Down in the Eight-Day Week