Parties Heat Up as Weather Cools Down in the Eight-Day Week


Sunday, September 25

Jersey Yore

Everyone knows you can’t watch period-piece television without a buzz on! (Right? Everyone knows that?) Whether at a bar or in the comfort of your own home, as far as we’re concerned there’s no use watching a TV show unless there’s a sizeable glass of hooch over ice within reach. And HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is about smuggling and consuming alcohol anyway, so really you’re just getting into the milieu. If you want the full experience, though, head over to the Roosevelt Hotel, where the Madison Club Lounge is hosting a Canadian Club-soaked viewing party, complete with a costume contest. (Dressing up as Steve Buscemi in The Big Lebowski doesn’t count!) Extra points for any references to classic prohibition movies, such as Scarface (the original, not the Method Man-endorsed Pacino version), Some Like It Hot and The Untouchables. And sorry: anything about Gatsby strikes us as a bit lazy. Things to bring: casual attitude toward sex and drugs, fake Tommy gun, girlfriend dressed as Paz de la Huerta. Things to leave at home: actual Tommy gun, actual Paz de la Huerta.

The Madison Club Lounge, 45 East 45th Street, 7:00 p.m.–11:00 p.m.; contact Kaitlin McCaffrey at or call (212) 885-6007 for reservations.


Monday, September 26

Dumbo’s Circus

If you see an increased number of kids running around Dumbo—or even an increased number of carnies—it may be due to Jane’s Carousel, a 1920s beauty that just opened in a pavilion designed by starchitect Jean Nouvel. It’s got everything you’d want in the classic staple of old-timey theme parks: intricate gold-leafed horses, spiral chrome poles to cling tight to as the ride begins and a Wurlitzer to blast music-box melodies as the dizziness sets in. It’s a childhood you can’t claim to be nostalgic about unless you’re 150 years old, but we can pretend, right? The restoration has taken decades, but it’s finally open to the public. The husband-wife duo of Jane and David Walentas spearheaded the project, and it’s only $2.00 to get in. So it’s cheaper than a subway ride, but then again, you’re only going in circles.

Jane’s Carousel is open every day, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m, except Tuesday. The website directions: “The Carousel is located in the DUMBO section of The Brooklyn Bridge Park, on the East River, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. The Carousel is easily accessed from Park entrances at Dock Street or Main Street.”


Tuesday, September 27


CNN’s feisty business expert Erin Burnett is getting a new show on CNN, and the brass has decided to fete her with cocktails and canapés at Robert, the restaurant in the Museum of Arts and Design. Enjoy a few glasses of Champagne as the cable channel’s talking heads make casual conversation about our impending economic doom. At least there will be plenty to distract you as the dry notes of your bubbly briskly sour into the taste of credit default and bankruptcy. Robert features some pretty stellar eye candy in its design and set pieces—remember the museum it’s in? Philip Michael Wolfson designed the red starbursts of furniture, including the 15-foot communal table and sloping space-station bar. There’s also an intricate neon-magenta installation that hangs just below the ceiling. Johanna Grawunder designed the work, and it floats above an eerie reflecting pool, creating the illusion that there are hot magenta paper lanterns ebbing off into the ether. There’s a metaphor about CNN and the economy in there somewhere, for sure. We’ll ask Ms. Burnett what she thinks it is.

Cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres, Robert Restaurant, The Museum of Arts and Design, 2 Columbus Avenue, ninth floor, 6:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m.; invitation only.


Wednesday, September 28

Got Lederhosen?

Who needs a pricey flight to Munich when you can drink the same egregious volume of beer—or more—only a short subway ride away? Sure, the Village Pourhouse will always remind you of that brutal college football loss, but we’re past that. So let’s all convene at that East Village hops bacchanal for that most sudsy of holidays, Oktoberfest. Celebrate the occasion with a $30 beer flight for two, which will more than get you started on whatever escapades you and your date decide to engage in later. Hey, there might ever be a beer-holding competition in your future.

The Village Pourhouse, 63 Third Avenue at East 11th Street, 7:00 p.m.–onward.


Parties Heat Up as Weather Cools Down in the Eight-Day Week