Petty’s Run plan approved

TRENTON – The State Capitol Joint Management Commission today approved the $1.6 million Department of Environmental Protection/Mercer County plan to preserve Petty’s Run, the historic site near the Statehouse.

The plan will require the state to contribute $800,000 to create and maintain an interpretive site containing the remains of the state’s earliest steel and paper mills. Some $500,000 will go toward the site’s design and construction, and the other $300,000 will be used for maintenance and upkeep over a 10-year period.

In addition to state funds, Mercer County will contribute $800,000 for support design and construction.

Any cost overruns for design and construction will be shared equally between the state and Mercer County.

Petty’s Run has some historic pieces of the state’s oldest steel and cotton mills, some dating back to the Colonial period. The site has had some archeological work done.

Statehouse repairs

Later in the meeting, the commission approved a measure to redirect funds from a prior design plan toward a project report detailing the repairs needed at the Statehouse.

That section of the building that includes the Executive offices has been prone to rain leaks from the windows and roofs, according to Richard Bagger, who heads the commission. The report will examine the building’s exterior condition, such as the masonry, stucco, cornices, water filtration systems, and other components.

The official amount in damages incurred by the two recent hurricanes are  $125,000 from Hurricane Irene and $295,000 from Hurricane Lee. The massive storms caused significant damage to the Statehouse garage. As of Monday, the two passenger elevators in parking garage vestibule were in service.

State officials are working to have insurance and federal disaster relief funds cover the costs.


Petty’s Run plan approved