Poll: Majority of NYers Support Casino

A new poll out today by the Siena Institute shows that 57 percent of New Yorkers favor casino gambling off of Indian reservations.

“Majorities of Democrats and Republicans, and of residents of every region of the state, support allowing Vegas-style casinos to be built here in New York, said Don Levy, Siena director. “While there is concern about crime and compulsive gambling, the need for jobs and government revenues appears to far outweigh the downsides according to most New Yorkers and voters.”

Seventy-eight percent of New Yorkers agree that legalizing casinos in New York will create thousands of jobs for residents. Slightly fewer, 71 percent, agree that non-Indian casinos will bring in significant new revenues for the state and local governments. While majorities agree that we already have enough outlets for gambling in New York (51%) and that new casinos will only increase societal problems such as crime and compulsive gambling (54%), a 21-point majority of all New Yorkers and a 22-point majority of voters support amending the state constitution to allow non-Indian casinos to be built in New York.

Meanwhile, support for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) appears to be dropping.

When asked whether they side more with supporters of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), or ultimate fighting, who say MMA should be legal in New York and that it will generate fan interest, revenues and would be an engine of economic development or with opponents who say that MMA is dangerous, even barbaric and that we should not allow such a violent sport to be practiced here in New York, respondents choose the opponents over the supporters 48 to 39 percent. In March, New Yorkers were more evenly split with 39 percent agreeing with the supporters in favor of legalizing MMA and 41 percent with opponents.




Poll: Majority of NYers Support Casino