Quora’s Biggest Userbase Is In New York City

Mr. Cheever

Quora, the Palo Alto-based question and answer site, launched its first mobile app today, with some nifty features like the ability to filter by nearby topic. Quora co-founder Charlie Cheever told AllThingsD’s Liz Gannes that the app was developed to try to tap into local by inspiring more location-based Q&As.

But the biggest reveal was the fact that most of its users are based right here in New York.  According to Ms. Gannes, “That’s important because Quora is often dinged for its Silicon Valley-centricity, a criticism people at the company said is becoming less valid.” But Betabeat has a different theory.

It seems to us that the reason New York City outpaces the Valley is probably because it has a sizable and growing tech investors and entrepreneurs and also happens to be home to many of the journalists and bloggers that troll them. That said, we have heard more than one source rumble about adoption outside tech circles and based on the New York City group, which currently features questions on downtown cobblers, parking, and the face of New York City (Ralph Kramden?), that seems to be the case. Quora’s Biggest Userbase Is In New York City