Rumors & Acquisitions: What Happens to Zach Klein’s Cabin Now?

NO FUNDING FOR PRESENTS. Last week, a source told Betabeat that outdoor advertising disruptor ADstruc was running low on its Series A funding and would have to raise another round soon.

Not true, says ADstruc’s John Laramie. “We raised $1.1m on September 27th 2010, which means we would have had to burn $90,000 a month for a team that was just four people as of a month ago to be officially out of money,” he said in an email. “ADstruc isn’t even close to spending that much money on a monthly basis. We couldn’t be more pleased with how and where we have invested our money and the great results we continue to see.” However, Mr. Laramie had promised Betabeat a present. We never got said present. Also, when we asked if this meant ADstruc was not raising a round, Mr. Laramie stopped responding. The company is now up to six people and hiring for three positions.

VISITING DIGNITARIES. ZocDoc had a secret birthday party today for its four-year anniversary, to which press were not invited. The guest speaker was Tom Daschle, the former U.S. senator from South Dakota and Senate Majority Leader who co-authored a book on universal health care and is now working for global law firm DLA Piper.

WOOD CABIN FOR SALE. Angel-faced technohipster Zach Klein of CollegeHumor/Vimeo/Svpply broke up with his girlfriend, Courtney Lewis of Hard Candy Shell, and is moving to California, stomping out the last faint possibility of the “Zach Klein, upstate woodsman” story that every New York media outlet has been frothing to do. So. What happens to the cabin?

BLIND BETS. Two startups which have had extensive Betabeat coverage have raised money, Betabeat has heard. The first, a hardware startup, we heard secondhand. The second, which is not a hardware startup, was extended an offer to join 500StartupsA startup Betabeat has never written about (but we should have) will most likely be bought by Dropbox in the very near future. (Can you tell we’re bursting to spill? But we pinky-swore to be patient upon promise of greater rewards. When the time comes we will write articles, glorious articles.)

Rumors & Acquisitions: What Happens to Zach Klein’s Cabin Now?