Rumors & Acquisitions: The Sleepy-Eyed Leading the Blind

E-COMMERCE COMPANY MOVES IN ON CONCRETE JUNGLE. Amazon is building a new team in New York, Betabeat is hearing. Details are vague, but recruiters are reaching out to developers via emails with spelling mistakes.

No, wait! Didn’t Jeff Bezos invest in someone local recently? Someone, someone, who was it? Ohhh, now we remember: Mr. Bezos deigned to gave the local startup scene a boost in the form of a check to General Assembly. Standing on the shoulders of giants!

THE NEW BLACK. We recently wrote that TechStars alum Melanie Moore has officially shuttered her fashion startup ToVieFor for pastures unknown. Last we heard, she was considering two opportunities and would decide in the next few months. Ms. Moore has quietly updated her website, however. “I run an awesome fashion / tech startup called Elizabeth & Clarke in New York City. Though, you might know me from my first company, ToVieFor.”

BLIND FUNDING. Which tasty startup raised a $1.2M seed round led by Kapor Capital?

BLIND NUMBERS. Which shredded startup has 55,000 users and more than 100 percent of that number on a wait list?

BLIND WANTED. Which Lerer Ventures-funded, Soho-based startup is hiring front-end developers?

BLIND HANDLING. Which mischievous techster is making fake Twitter accounts with an ‘i’ instead of an ‘l’ and duping decent folks all over town?

BLIND ANNOYANCES. Which social network information delivery system was being really janky this afternoon?

BLIND BETABEAT. Which Betabeat reporter has been banned by Hacker News?

Rumors & Acquisitions: The Sleepy-Eyed Leading the Blind