Rutgers, RWJ merger-report extracts

TRENTON – Here are some highlights of the interim report by the University of Medicine and Dentistry Advisory Committee that the governor’s office released today:

* The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, “now situated within the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) – should become a unit distinct from RWJMS and be placed within Rutgers University; its director should have the same level of direct reporting and authority as the dean of RWJMS. Going forward, CINJ should remain a statewide asset. Its presence in all regions of the State is significant and essential.”

* “Institutional disparities continue to impede the full potential of collaboration that the Committee envisions. Research protocol, standards and other distinct requirements, as well as operational and administrative distinctions ranging from facility access to differences in stipends paid to researchers with similar experience and educations working on joint projectsare, in fact, significant obstacles.”

* “Moreover, we have to acknowledge that despite a great deal of effort, UMDNJ’s reputation –and ability to rebuild and enhance its programs in a period of resource constraints – has not recovered from fraud and abuse by individuals who have since left UMDNJ, the details of which are well known.”

“The Committee has reluctantly concluded that this is the case even after enormous effort on the part of UMDNJ and particularly its current Board of Trustees to comply with the requirements of a federal monitor from 2005 through 2007 and, subsequently, the on‐going Corporate Compliance Agreement (2009) between UMDNJ and the Office of the Inspector General within the federal Department of Health and Human Services.”

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