School aid bill clears Senate

The Senate passed a bill 31-6 that makes a supplemental appropriation of $4.141 million from the Property Tax Relief Fund to the Department of Education to provide additional State school aid to districts, other than non-operating or county vocational school districts, that have experienced significant enrollment growth since the 2008-2009 school year.

Sen. President and S2868 bill sponsor Steve Sweeney gaveled Sen. Michael Doherty out of order after he registered strenuous objection to the bill.

“We’re tinkering at the corrupt edges’’ of a major problem, he said.

And Sen. Tom Kean Jr. added that the entire school funding format is flawed.

To receive the additional aid, the district’s projected resident enrollment for October 2011 must exceed the actual October 2008 resident enrollment by at least 13 percent.

School aid bill clears Senate