Senate approves building inspection bill

TRENTON – The Senate passed by a vote of 27-6, bill S2771, which would require the Department of Community Affairs to create a maintenance code for and to oversee the private inspection on a five-year basis of the exterior building walls of certain buildings, whether residential or commercial, was approved in the committee.

The bill would require the owner of each building to retain a professional engineer to conduct periodic inspections of exterior building walls, and to prepare and file a report on the inspection periodically with DCA. The bill would also require that any necessary repairs to an unsafe building wall, or a building wall in need of maintenance, be made in order to protect the public or to ensure public safety.

Before the vote was taken, Sen. Gerald Cardinale (R-39) of Garfield, lambasted the bill.

“This bill will be very costly because you are going to have to hire engineers. “It’ll be paid people struggling in this economy.

“We have many better ways to spend the money in New Jersey.” 

However, Sen. Donald Norcross, (D-5), Camden, said the bill is intended to save lives. Senate approves building inspection bill