Sharif and Muhammad want an explanation from Parlavecchio

Citing recorded evidence at the Ronald Salahuddin corruption trial, Newark South Ward-based political operative Carl Sharif and labor leader Rahman Muhammad want answers from longtime East Ward Democratic Party leader Joe Parlavecchio.

“It is being alleged by individuals who have been present at the court proceedings involving Mr. Ronald Salahuddin and Mr. Sonny Cooper that your voice is heard on FBI tape recordings referring to one or both of the defendants as ‘Shines’ or ‘Shine,'” wrote the African-American leaders to Parlavecchio. “We are respectfully inquiring of you whether or not you made these comments and if so what the context was and who was present.”

A former deputy mayor with the Booker administration, Salahuddin is charged with steering city contracts to business partner Cooper.

Sharif and Muhammed at the moment, however are focused on Parlavecchio’s voice on tape.

“It is important that the truth or untruth of these allegations be known. This allegation is inflammatory and causing distress in the community. We strongly feel that these allegations against you should be dismissed and denounced if untrue so as to avoid the further raising of tensions in the community. Your prompt response to our inquiry will be greatly appreciated. In the interest of the entire community, we are taking steps to independently verify or debunk these allegations.”

Political spats between Sharif and Parlavecchio have a 35-year history. 

“No comment,’ Parlavecchio told

Sources close to the East Ward politico say the former educator stands on his record within the African American community. 

Sharif and Muhammad want an explanation from Parlavecchio