Slate Offers Assistant Job, Free of Benefit(s)

Hey young college grads: Do you want to gain invaluable editorial experience at a reputable online magazine? Work with a great team of culture writers? Do you plan on never getting sick, needing a cavity filled, or requiring an eye exam? Congratulations, you are Clark Kent (though the glasses had us fooled), and Slate has an attractive editorial assistant position just for you:

Slate is looking for an editorial assistant in its New York City office. The assistant’s primary responsibility will be to provide administrative and editorial help to Slate’s culture editors. There will also be opportunities for occasional writing.

Ideal candidates will be organized, diplomatic, and have excellent writing skills. They will also demonstrate good editorial judgment and wide cultural interests. Some editorial experience preferred. This is a 12-month contract position, without benefits.

Yikes. We know the media industry is taking a blow right now, but contractually obligating an assistant to stay in that role for a year without even offering them a basic healthcare plan? Maybe it’s a big experiment on the publication’s part to see if Obamacare really works for 20-somethings with liberal art degrees. Slate Offers Assistant Job, Free of Benefit(s)