Spot the BroBo Cliche on the New Finger Building Website

Living the good life.

After years of NIMBY grumbling and financial trouble, Brooklyn’s latest development at 144 North 8th Street has finally, really, truly hit the market, according to Curbed. Although we don’t think it will ever shake its resentful nickname, the Finger Building has defied naysayers and is currently listing several units for sale, with prices just over $2 million.

People have been wary of the Finger Building from the start, concerned that the high-rise will attract all the wrong types of nouveau Brooklynites. The building’s carefully crafted website seems to confirm the neighborhood’s worst fears. We can’t tell if the illustrator is pro- or anti-Finger Building, but they sure did a good job of cramming every single Williamsburg stereotype into the artwork. In our very own version of Where’s Waldo? (what a perfect BroBo name!), see if you can’t find the following things on the Finger Build site:

  1. Skinny Jeans
  2. Expensive strollers
  3. Nerd Glasses
  4. A.P.C.
  5. Ethnic diversity
  6. Artisnal food in glass jars
  7. Saarinen womb chairs
  8. “Roof Meadow” (So NOT a roof garden)
  9. LEGO moms
  10. Pasta water baths. Spot the BroBo Cliche on the New Finger Building Website