Spruce Up Your Resumes, Betaworks Is Searching For A New Seed Stage Savant

Tough boots to fill.

The hunt is on. Last week, we broke the news that Andy Weissman was making the leap from betaworks to Union Square Ventures, formalizing the marriage of a Silicon Alley Power Couple that would have made a big splash in the Vows column, if only the New York tech scene had its own Wedding section.

Since Mr. Weissman will be out by the end of the month, betaworks isn’t wasting any time looking for “a new member to our team to help us with our seed-stage investments,” according to the listing on its careers page. In an email to Betabeat, John Borthwick wrote:

“Our investments activities at betaworks are and always have been tightly woven with our operating companies. We are makers.  We build stuff and invest in and around the areas we build.  Thats what we have always done and that is what we are continuing to do …”

Indeed, we’ve been told that a number of the big deals at betaworks were sourced from the operational side, including Tumblr, Tweetdeck, and Groupon. Following that arrangement, the new hire will be responsible for “responding to inquiries, keeping track of potential investments, meeting with companies, contributing to decisions about investments, attending events and supporting our current portfolio.”

Applicants might want to brush up on their check-in history as one of the four test questions is: “Why do you believe people use Foursquare? What would you do to improve it?” If you need some help answering that, you know where to find us.

Spruce Up Your Resumes, Betaworks Is Searching For A New Seed Stage Savant