Startup News: Skillshare Shares New Courses and Tentatively Launches

SHARE AND TELL. Skillshare is testing out “courses,” similar to the multi-part classes and certification programs at General Assembly. The first trial course is being run by CEO Mike Karnjanaprakhorn called “Launching Your Startup Idea.” “We’re looking to expand our class types so it’s not just one-off-classes,” he said.

IDK WE MIGHT GO. Does anyone else here hate Plancast? Betabeat does! We also hate Google Calendar! So much clicking! So it was of great interest to us to see that WeWork Labs-based startup has soft launched to let you easily bookmark events across the web.

CAPTURE THE FOURSQUARE. From New Work City and New Zealand startup Snapr: “We are launching a new app – Capture the Flag “The Mobile Photosharing Game of World Domination” that’s built off our API and takes advantage of our soon to be announced location based gaming features. You can see a demo for the game and download the app here: In the game people join teams and then check in photos to win territory.”

GLAD TO SEE YOU’RE WELL! New York-based content recommendation engine writes in to say they’re doing awesome. According to public relations reps, “Outbrain has grown 600 percent growth over the last 18 months. We’re installed on more than 3 billion content pages. We generate 23 billion links each month. Content shared through Outbrain has a six percent click-through rate.” Betabeat might kill ourselves if we had a six percent CTR. But congrats! You can also see Outbrain at their event during Advertising Week.

BUILDING A BETTER NEWSLETTER. “FanBridge has announced the launch of Social Digest, a service that aggregates the most popular content posted on a performers or athlete’s social media accounts into a singular email [was that word use intentional? -ed]. For brands and performers, social Digest ensures that the stickiest content and most popular posts and comments are seen by subscribers. For advertisers, it’s more of a direct path to the influencers they want to target. They did a beta test in July that pulled an 18% click-thru rate on social content , which is three times more than a general campaign.”

MAJOR, GAME-CHANGING LAUNCHES. “Good morning Adrianne, I wanted to take a minute of your time to send you information on a major, game-changing launch NYC’s BuyWithMe is announcing today: BuyWithMe is announcing the launch of MerchantConnect, the industry’s first performance based marketing platform. MerchantConnect allows businesses real-time access to customers engaging in daily deal and loyalty enhancing promotions. By using a card-linked engagement tracking system, businesses are now able to monitor and track the success of their daily promotions. This allows businesses to better understand customer buying habits, trends, patterns and repeat purchase habits.”

LEARNIN’. Fall HackNY student hackathon is the weekend of October 1. Only students can code, but everyone can watch.

Startup News: Skillshare Shares New Courses and Tentatively Launches