Stonewall Slams Walmart Over Donations

A report out today in The New York Times reveals that mega-retailer Walmart, along with corporations like Apple, Microsoft and Netflix, have an agreement with an Internet marketer that uses its proceeds to help fund Christian groups which some say have an anti-gay agenda.

The report has brought swift condemnation from the Stonewall Democrats, one of the city’s most active LGBT political clubs.

“We are alarmed and offended by the news that Walmart is funneling money to well-known anti-gay groups and disrespecting so many LGBTQ Americans,” said Joseph Hagelmann III, President of the Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City

Walmart is trying to gain a foothold in the five boroughs, and progressive and labor groups have waged an all-out assault to stop them.

“Walmart is spending millions to win over New York City residents, but its officials have never reached out to us and have never marched with us,” Hagelmann continued. “Now we know why. Walmart’s actions and record on LGBTQ issues are simply indefensible. Walmart is a threat to New York City, the historic home of the LGBTQ movement, and we continue to oppose Walmart opening stores here.”

Stonewall Slams Walmart Over Donations