Stop the madness

The latest misstep by Trenton Mayor Tony Mack defies explanation.

According to a report in The Times of Trenton, the erstwhile mayor this week promoted Harold Hall as his new Director of Public Works despite calls from the Department of Community Affairs to demote or fire Mack’s new department head.

According to the Times report, DCA said as early as June that Hall was not fit for his last job as director fo the division of public property, so naturally Mack, who has committed numerous personnel gaffes during his short tenure as mayor, promoted him.  Friday, the DCA officially rejected the promotion.

The irony here is that Hall’s promotion defies the agreement signed by Mack last year when he accepted $27.1 million in state aid.  Mack is currently waiting for a new round of aid to be awarded and a DCA spokeswoman told The Times that the city’s application for aid would be negatively affected.  Oh yeah, this weekend, the city saw a spate of shootings after laying off more than 100 cops.

As is his custom, Mack was defiant about the hiring.

“We’re just moving ahead based on the legal interpretation from our counsel,” the mayor told reporter Matt Fair of the Times. “That’s the way it’s written and that’s the way it’s been done in the past.”

Mack is currently the subject of a recall effort. Stop the madness