The Closing: Boerum Hill Saved; Fort Greene Broken; St. Vincent's Remembered

Bad News Dept.: 20% of all New Yorkers now live below the poverty line. [Crain’s]

Talk about aiming high, WalMart, still having a nightmarish time getting one store within the five boroughs, is now saying it’ll need 159 of them to make it worth it. [Daily News]

Here’s another one to put a smile on your face: That pesticide you used to get rid of the horror that was bedbugs? Well, now that is probably making you sick for the trouble. [NY Times]

Rezoning is a done deal to save Boerum Hill’s “Brownstone Belt” from re-development. [NY Post]

Renters unite, and rank away, on a new website that sheds (aggregated) light on NYC’s rental properties. [Curbed]

Fort Greene residents come up to offer their opinions on the proposed Fowler Square renovations. [Brownstoner]

While we’re in the neighborhood, volunteer clean up crews in Ft. Greene Park have once again found a troublingly large amount of broken glass. [Brooklyn Paper]

As St. Vincent’s hospital and its famed AIDS clinic are no more, some West Village residents believe there should be a memorial to commemorate the area’s pivotal role in the fight against the disease. [DNAinfo]

New bonds planned to help finance 4 World Trade Center [The Journal]

A trend of the new economy, many “new” real estate developments are really just projects that have come back online after being halted for financial reasons. [NY Post]

You might be annoyed by them, but chances are your doctor is thoroughly behind Mayor Mike and “JSK’s” bike lanes and pedestrian plazas. [StreetsBlog]

A new labor deal will end the 44-day worker walkout at Central Park’s Boathouse, just in time for the cold weather. [Daily News]

Brooklyn’s most-traveled bridge-adjacent streets will be getting major facelifts in 2014. [Brownstoner]

Mayor Mike took President Sarkozy, in town for UN business, to visit the Statue of Liberty for her 125th anniversary. She’s French you know… [WNYC]

The Closing: Boerum Hill Saved; Fort Greene Broken; St. Vincent's Remembered