The Firestarter Paints Butterflies Too

A fan of butterflies

The singer from the band Prodigy, Maxim, the guy who once declared “I’m the fear addicted, danger illustrated…twisted firestarter” is now also a painter of butterflies, according to an article in Bloomberg. Apparently, he sees them as symbols of “life, death, rebirth and reincarnation,” which is sort of the whole spectrum of, you know, everything. Under the name MM he will have his first exhibition called “Lepidop Terror” at the I.N.C. Space in London’s Covent Garden. Here are some things he says about his butterfly art.

“It started when I caught a moth in my studio,” he says in an interview. “As I cupped it in my hand I thought to myself, ‘how do I know what this moth is thinking of?’ If it had a sword or knife, would it be stabbing me?”

“The story of my getting into art,” says the dreadlocked Maxim, “was basically I just needed some paintings for my walls at home. I went to a few affordable art exhibitions and looked at the art that people were selling and thought, ‘I could do that.’”

“The real turning point was about four years ago when I went to New York, and a friend introduced me to a few artists,” Maxim says. “That opened my eyes.”

The Observer can’t say much of what would happen if a moth had a sword or a knife—that sounds kind of scary!—but proceeds from some of Maxim’s butterfly death life rebirth paintings will go to charity

The Firestarter Paints Butterflies Too