The Official 9/11 Flag, Newest Piece of the Memorial Economy

Limited edition. (Governor's Office)

The 9/11 memorabilia economy has generated millions, perhaps even billions of dollars over the past decade. There have been snow globes and statuettes, posters and flip books. Flags are not uncommon, but typically they are of the red-white-and-blue extraction. Now, thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, we have an official 9/11 flag, which was unveiled at the museum yesterday.

“The Memorial Flag is meant to serve as a long-lasting symbol of our respect for those who were lost on September 11th and our resilience in the face of tragedy,” Governor Cuomo said in a release. “Written on the flag are the words ‘We Remember’ – we remember the faces, the stories, and the heroes of that day and this flag reminds us to always pass on those memories to future generations.”

The flag features the silhouette of the Two Towers surrounded by a pentagon—The Pentagon?—on a blue field with gold trim, like the state’s own flag. Speaking of, it will fly at the capital and the entrance to the memorial on the 10th anniversary. Replicas will also be for sale at the museum, to help raise funds for construction and educational programs.

“We will never forget those we lost, and we are glad to have a national symbol and flag to represent their memory,” said Tom Rogér, father of Jean Rogér, an American Airlines Flight 11 flight attendant and memorial board member.

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