The Racists Have Learned How to Make Stickers

(source: reader iPhone)

An evangelizing member of the white supremicist group the National Alliance has apparently made his or her way from Hillsboro, West Virginia all the way to the L train.

“STOP IMMIGRATION!” reads the black-on-yellow sticker spotted by a reader this morning. “Non-Whites are turning America into a Third World slum. They come for welfare or take our jobs. They bring crime. They are messy, disruptive, noisy and multiply rapidly. Let’s send them home now!”

Have any readers noticed stickers, fliers or literature? Does this signal rising racial tension on the often pale-faced shuttle?

The National Alliance provided a phone number on the stickers, which we dialed to find out whether there were any cocktail parties coming up in New York. “Thank you for calling the National Alliance,” a woman’s voice intoned. “America’s foremost organization working for the longterm interests of men and women of European descent.”

Among the National Alliance’s concerns:

  • the government makes only a transparent pretense to protect America’s borders
  • the Jewish monopoloy of our mass media
  • quotas, multiculturalism and political correctness in schools and workplaces

“We favor a free, strong, proud White America,” the recording says. “If you share some of our concerns, then you should learn more about what the National Alliance is doing.” The Observer left a message at the beep.

The Alliance was founded by neo-Nazi William Pierce in 1974. From Wikipedia:

Before the death of Pierce, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation called the Alliance the best-financed and best-organized white nationalist organization of its kind in the United States. Membership in 2002 was estimated at 2,500 with an income of $1 million annually.[14] According to the SPLC, paid membership has declined to fewer than 800 and the paid staff was down to only 10 people as of 2006.[15] The infighting since the death of the founder Pierce apparently has greatly weakened the organization.

In 2002, the organization ran a white power record label called Resistance Records and ran “Resistance Radio”, a now defunct web radio station that streamed white power rock music across the Internet 24 hours a day. It also has a radio show, American Dissident Voices, heard on shortwave and streaming audio on the Internet. This show started in 1992 and has been on every week since. At one point in the mid-1990s there were 22 radio stations, AM and FM, which carried the program, but most of these radio stations dropped these programs.

The organization is not on Twitter. The Racists Have Learned How to Make Stickers