Tom Allon Ties News of Carpetbagging Bloomberg Aides to City’s Jobless Rate

Manhattan Media publisher and 2013 mayoral contender Tom Allon  released a statement this morning slamming the Bloomberg administration for allowing two top aides to live outside city limits.

Mr. Allon also makes the (tongue in cheek?) suggestion that by repatriating those jobs it could help bring down the city’s jobless rate.

“Either require these two officials to permanently reside in five boroughs or bring those jobs back to New York and help bring down New York’s still unacceptable jobless rate,” he said.

The Daily News published two stories today revealing that deputy mayor Robert Steel lives in an extravagant mansion in Greenwich, Ct and that Office of Emergency Management head lives in Florida.

“If we really want to bring down NYC unemployment rate we need to make sure that city government officials actually live in New York,” Mr. Allon said. “After the revelation that Deputy Mayor Goldsmith was at his home in D.C. during last December’s snowstorm debacle, we need to be even more sensitive about this…This is troubling on a variety of levels, especially since it seems to violate Mayor Bloomberg’s  executive order of Feb 2010 which requires all City employees and top officials at city agencies to live in the city.”

It’s a little odd that Mr. Allon has chosen this issue to hit the administration on. He has been running for mayor promising in general a continuation of the Bloomberg era, and he was the only 2013 contender to defend the administration’s handling of Mr. Goldsmith’s domestic violence arrest.

  Tom Allon Ties News of Carpetbagging Bloomberg Aides to City’s Jobless Rate