Turntable.fm Wants You to Know You’re Needed

Come out and play.

With Turntable.fm‘s traffic coming in at lower levels than expected this month, investor Fred Wilson has written two very salient blog posts this week: the announcement of a new Turntable feature that should encourage activity on the site and an equally-appropriate post entitled “After the Hype.” “Forget about the hot app crowd,” he writes. “They may or may not be back.”

One way to keep users on Turntable is to give them a chance to get that moment in the spotlight–that is, get more users to DJ. Turntable’s lobby used to show only the most popular rooms, which of course already had DJs. A way to see which rooms needed turntablists was one of the most-requested features, Mr. Wilson writes. And when the hot app crowd has moved on, it’s important to pay close attention to the users who remain.

From reading the “Turntable.fm” tag on Tumblr, it’s obvious Turntable continues to boast highly-committed, super-engaged users.

“I found a turntable room where you have to play songs connected with the previous somehow. Like some word in the title has to match. Kind of fun,” one user writes, following on an earlier post that said only “turntable.fm = new addiction.”

And users continue to make add-ons for the site. Indianapolis-based Michael Frick continues to update Turntable Plus, a Chrome extension that allows for things like popup chat and idle timers, sort of like the fan-made Tumblr extension Missing e for Turntable. He just pushed a new version 13 hours ago. Actually, TT+ was ahead of the curve–Mr. Frick added an “open DJ spot” notification in one of the first releases.

Turntable.fm Wants You to Know You’re Needed