Uncram: Why Say It In 140 Characters When You Can Post a Multimedia ‘Diary’?

Uncram, a buzzed about New York startup launched this week with a flattering proposition: Your thoughts, ideas, and insights are just too multi-faceted to be limited to the blurb-and-link, blurb-and-link format, aren’t they? Shouldn’t the world experience the full splendor of your story-telling instead of standard tweet or status update?

To give social mediates a little more breathing room, CEO Ariel Porath created an extender that functions like a souped-up Deck.ly. Rather than just allowing users room for more text, it also lets you add photos, videos, topics, maps, and links “to get your story across.”

As CNET reports, the startup offers a browser extension so if you’re in Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, say, you can hit “Uncram” and a page creator pops up to let you share these “diaries,” in the startup’s parlance. Each of those diaries also supports its own discussion thread. So existing social networks function as the headline to send readers to your diaries. The benefit there, of course, is that Uncram isn’t relying on users to start trafficking an entirely new network. And you get to act like a blogger, only without a blog.

As CNET explains, the revenue potential comes from white-label or brandable versions of Uncram’s platform. “Since it is so easy to create a diary page on Uncram, it could be useful for marketers who quickly want to generate nice-looking and complete landing pages for social-media campaigns,” explains CNET.

“Brevity is the soul of wit,” is just so 16th century, apparently.

Uncram: Why Say It In 140 Characters When You Can Post a Multimedia ‘Diary’?