Union Square Subway Gains Trippy Public Art

Photo courtesy of producer Joshua Spodek.


On Monday evening, the MTA unveiled Union Square in Motion, a new public installation at the Union Square subway station comprised of “two digital lenticular zoetropes” according to the designers’ Facebook page.

Created by Parsons students, the work is meant to evoke the sense that you’re passing by a throng of bustling commuters, WNYC reports. So that’ll be a nice little escape for everyone who finds themselves feeling lonely in the Union Square subway station.

This latest zoetrope is one of many recent zoetropes, including a zoetrope at Bryant Park that was installed last year and a zoetrope in the subway tunnel north of Dekalb Ave. That Dekalb zoetrope was restored in 2009, but was originally installed, as a zoetrope, in 1981. Union Square Subway Gains Trippy Public Art