Vampiric Designer Robert Geller Talks Fort Greene and Bauhaus

I need a haircut and some dry wall. (Getty)

Back in May, The Observer reported that downtown designer Robert Geller had bought a brownstone in Fort Greene of all places. Now, he does that most Brooklyn of things and invites Details along while he gets a haircut. There, they talk about renovating his new historic home, architectural and international inspirations, and the beauty of his adopted borough.

“We’re not doing too much because it’s in pretty good shape, but it’s such a fun project because you get to use your aesthetic and vision in a different medium than clothing. You get to create it in a house,” Mr. Geller says of his renovations. “You know my wife is a designer, too, and so it’s really fun to work with her, too, on a project like this.”

Not only does his design work influence his renovations, but architecture is now inspiring his clothing, as well. “I’ve been for a long time interested in the Bauhaus, in all aspects of it, but its inspiration for this collection was the use of geometric shapes,” Mr. Geller says.

We can just picture Mies van der Rohe in a pair of Robert Geller’s award-winning skinny jeans.

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