Weprin Campaign Sends In A Wizard to ‘Endorse’ Turner–Update

The campaign in the 9th Congressional District has become so magical.

The David Weprin campaign announced this afternoon that they are sending in a Queens magician named “Wendy Wizard” to “endorse” Bob Turner at a fundraiser the Republican is having at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club.

According to the campaign:

“Tea Party Turner’s smoke and mirror budget tricks require a level of magical ability that only the greatest illusionists have mastered,” Wizard said from her underground lair in an undisclosed part of Queens while stroking a black cat named Oolong.  “I’m proud to support my fellow magician’s candidacy because I know that Tea Party Turner will pull the money we need to save Medicare right out of thin air.”

The illusionist line is a reference to The New York Times’ endorsement of Weprin earlier this week, in which they say that “Mr. Turner argues that the federal budget needs to be cut by as much as a third. He also wants to lower taxes, especially on capital gains. He insists that that would not mean reducing benefits for those on Medicare and Social Security. That would take a magician, not a businessman.”

The Turner campaign responds:

“The Weprin campaign has become increasingly bizarre. I suggest they head back to Hogwarts and regroup.”
Weprin Campaign Sends In A Wizard to ‘Endorse’ Turner–Update