Why Does Facebook’s New Timeline Feature Look So Dang Familiar?

Mr. Lessin

Of the many announcements to emerge from F8 –Spotify is now integrated with Facebook! Netflix is now integrated with Facebook! You can “watch” and “read” things instead of just “like”ing them! Things are just really different, okay?Good luck not friending your Mom, because she’ll be on there soon!– was Facebook’s Timeline.

Rather than having to hit “Older Posts” again and again, Timeline lets you stalk with the greatest of ease by arranging a user’s information in chronological order. As AllThingsD‘s Ina Fried notes, it also lets you pick a big, About.me-like cover photo for your life story.

Mark Zuckerberg introduced the feature with pictures of a toddler Zuck in pink tie and suspenders–and nary a thought about privacy in his head. But from the looks of the Facebook blog, it was former Brooklyn boy Drop.io founder Sam Lessin (now a product manager at Facebook, which acqui-hired him in last October) who was in charge of the feature. And after watching the video introduction to Timeline, Betabeat has a feeling we know at least one source of Mr. Lessin’s inspiration.

Watch this sentimental “A Life on Facebook” video from last November.

And just try to tell us it doesn’t remind you of this sentimental video explaining Timeline, minus the puking, cheating on the girlfriend and getting caught on Facebook part, of course.

Why Does Facebook’s New Timeline Feature Look So Dang Familiar?