Winklevoss Twins Handle Nuts on TV As Pistachio Spokespeople

A million pistachio nuts is cool. You know what’s really cool? A billion pistachio nuts.

Which they now clearly have access to.

It’s hard to tell why Guest of a Guest publishers and Facebook would-be inventors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss appeared to agree in an advertisement for Wonderful Pistachios, but apparently, they did. Via Ad Freak, whoever is paying them is not, as it goes, “playing”:

Paramount Farms intends to drop $30 million to run these latest “Get Crackin'” spots over the next four months on high-profile shows like the Dancing With the Starspremiere, the Emmys and The X Factor.

Given the quality bankability of the other participants—Khloe Kardashian and her L.A. Laker husband Lamar Odom, the titular Angry Birds of the popular video game, former Saturday Night Live star Mr. Bill, and a monkey named Crystal whose repertoire we’re not intimately familiar with—the theory that they are hard-up for money doesn’t quite hold water.

Neither does the idea that they need something to occupy their time (we know for a fact that they’re already training on a full schedule for next year’s Summer Olympics in London).

Maybe this is part of an effort to win back the good faith of the world at-large with regard to the perception of them as Those Guys Who Claimed To Invent Facebook But Didn’t, or to boost their image as patriots going to win glory for their country on a global stage using large rowboats.

Or maybe it’s simply an intensely meta performance piece on the way social status collides against nature versus nurture debates and crass commercialism when one prostrates themselves at the altar of public atonement.

Or maybe they just want to be on television.

Whatever it is, it’s here:

Cameron Winklevoss did not return The Observer‘s immediate request for comment on what is going on here and how much he got paid to do it.

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Winklevoss Twins Handle Nuts on TV As Pistachio Spokespeople