Winners and Losers: Week of Sept. 12


Carl Lewis

The on-again-off-again candidate is back on this week after an appellate panel put him back on the 8th District ballot.  Lewis is running for Senate against Republican Dawn Addiego, but his battle to date has been with Lt. Gov, Kim Guadagno who ruled he cannot be on the ballot.  It’s hard to keep up with the legal challenges, but at least for this week, he’s back in the race.

Dave DeWeese

The Presidents of the New Jersey State Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association and the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association Wednesday night in Atlantic City announced their respective unions’ endorsement of Dave DeWeese for state Senate in Legislative District 1.  

John Bencivengo

Bencivengo, a Republican who is running for his second term as mayor of the state’s ninth largest city, Wednesday received the endorsement of the Mercer-Burlington Counties and Vicinity Building Trades Council, AFL-CIO.  The endorsement had the added bonus for Bencivengo of riling up local Democrats who were upset that it was announced by Democratic State Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo, president of the council.  DeAngelo is running for re-election ini the 14th District, which includes Hamilton.

Kathy Horgan

Monmouth County Democrats nominated Horgan, a councilwoman in Red Bank,  to replace Asbury Park restaurateur Marilyn Schlossbach as the Democratic candidate for Assembly in the 11th District.  Schlossbach left the ticket citing the need to care for her business.

Holly Schepisi

Schepisi Monday night easily won her party’s nomination for the 39th District Assembly seat to be vacated by retiring Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk.

Troy Singleton

Singleton will head into the November election as an incumbent after South Jersey Democrats approved him to replace Assemblyman Jack Conners, who left to become director of veterans affairs in Camden County.

Jay Webber

Webber has been invited to the prestigious Aspen Institute as part of the bi-partisan Aspen-Rodel Fellowship program. Webber is one of 24 lawmakers from around the country dubbed “rising stars” by the institute.

Dakota Meyer

The former Marine Corps Sergeant was awarded the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military honor.


Washington Township Mayor Samir Elbassiouny, Deputy Mayor Robert Klingel, Committeemen Robert Finke and Michael Kovacs, Committeewoman Eve Marks and Township Administrator Peter deBoer Jr.

This group of elected and appointed officials ran afoul of just about everyone in New Jersey this week when they unveiled what they called a memorial commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.  But the memorial made no mention of the attacks or its victims, but instead listed the date and the names of this crew.  There was obligatory finger pointing over who was responsible and eventually they had the good sense to remove the chunk of offending granite.

Rafael Fajardo and Pablo Munoz

Superior Court Judge Karen Cassidy issued a court order requiring former Elizabeth Board of Education President Fajardo and schools superintendent Munoz to pay back more than $60,000 they used on legal fees in a court case going back to 2006. 

State Taxpayers

State Comptroller Matthew Boxer Thursday issued a report slamming the state’s pay to play law governing local governments.  The law is so flawed as to be useless, Boxer said, and is riddled with easily exploitable loopholes.  Both Boxer and Election Law Enforcement Commission Executive Director Jeff Brindle recommended changes to the law enacted in 2004.  The loophole is nothing new.  It’s been well-known for years and legislatures have come and gone without plugging it.

Gregory “Ronnie” Taylor

Feds arrested the former secretary treasurer of Longshoremen’s Local 1233 this week for allegedly stealing more than $100,000 in union funds for his personal use.

Former Essex County Deputy Sheriff Eric Hawkins

Hawkins admitted to laundering money he believed was the proceeds of drug trafficking.

Ron Salahuddin

The corruption trial for the former Deputy Mayor of Newark began this week with prosecutors playing tape of Salahuddin promising favors in exchange for money.  Salahuddin is accused of steering contracts in exchange for donations and kickbacks.

Winners and Losers: Week of Sept. 12