You think Democrats want us to focus on jobs?

The inbox of every reporter on State Street was flooded this morning with nearly identical releases from a host of Democratic lawmakers commenting on the state’s economic woes and the party’s new jobs package.

By 1:45 the releases numbered an even dozen, all with variations of the same quote.

It’s an interesting tactic most often used by my two-year-old son when I glance for a second at my cell phone in the middle of a game of stacking blocks.

Him: “Daddy…daddy…daddy. DAD. Daaaaaaady. DADDY!”

Me: “Yes buddy”

Him: “Blocks!”

Democrats are hoping the focus on the state’s stubborn unemployment rate and sputtering economy will turn the public’s ire against Gov. Christie.  Christie has countered with an ethics offensive, accusing the Democrats of dragging their feet on much needed ethics reforms.

But with unemployment at 9.4 percent jobs are the Democrats “job 1” leading into the upcoming mid-terms. Asked about the barrage of releases, one Democrat said the party is “trying to prove a point.”

“You noticed them didn’t you? The governor has nothing to say on this because he can’t.”

Democrats say they can weather the ethics storm, particularly when the governor is facing his own ethics questions over a recent stealth trip to Colorado to speak to a group of wealthy GOP backers. 

Yesterday, the Senate Budget Committee heard about a dozen bills geared toward economic recovery, some new, some retreads of a group of bills Christie vetoed earlier this year.

  You think Democrats want us to focus on jobs?