You’re Invited to Kanye West’s Debut Runway Show

Kanye is moving to the other side of the runway.

Kanye West is a usual fixture in the front row at New York Fashion Week, but this September he skipped the whole spectacle, leaving a void that had to be filled by the likes of Nicki Minaj.

But he wasn’t betraying his couture cravings. Quite the opposite: he was hemming up the looks in his debut collection, a ready to wear womenswear line that was rumored to be debuting in Paris. When the date was confirmed for Saturday night at 9:30, more details stared streaming in. Kanye was working with British designer Katie Eary, Kanye was employing a battalion of fashion students in an enormous defunct London nightclub called Turnmills, Kanye was inspired by Samurai.

Could such things be true? We’ll find out tomorrow night at 9:30 Paris time, when Mr. West is scheduled to bring the models out to the runway. The invitations went out today (check your mail!) and they reveal the location, which happens to be a public school, Lycee Henri IV on Rue Clotilde.

What, you didn’t get the invite? We’ve posted it below, in case you need it. We wish you luck, ‘Ye.

You’re Invited to Kanye West’s Debut Runway Show