ZocDoc CEO Misses the Days When Investors Used Real Checks

Mr. Massoumi

ZocDoc’s CEO Cyrus Massoumi has a soft spot for paper money. The ZocDoc offices sport a giant $100,000 vanity check from Forbes, which its founders debated taking into the bank when the actual money proved to be less than speedy in coming. But today’s $25 million investment from Goldman Sachs won’t come in the form of a check in any size. And it means the loss of a ZocDoc tradition, Betabeat learned after we got ahold of Mr. Massoumi’s memo to ZocDockers today:

Hi, team–

Let me tell you about a lost ZocDoc tradition. Every time we secured new funding, I’d walk up to Trevor and slap the check on his desk, and we’d high-five. Things were different back then – we were very small and scrappy. I was slamming down $25K checks that might keep the lights on for another month, or buy a new server just in time to keep the site up.

Things change. They don’t write checks for investments as large as the ones we get these days – they do wire transfers instead. Either way, I miss those days. Trev, please clear some space on your desk. It’s time to bring the tradition back.

Consider this the official slapping-down of a multimillion dollar investment check from Goldman Sachs! This brings our total Series C funding to an incredible $75 million.

Think of this investment as one more vote of confidence in ZocDoc from the leaders of the finance world. The top investors want to get behind us because they can see that we’re creating the world’s 21st century healthcare infrastructure. They see that we stand true to our principles, and that we’re putting patients first. There’s just one more thing we have to do, and this investment will help us do it: more. We have to grow, to bring better healthcare access to the rest of the nation, and beyond.

Our work is just beginning, but I know all the positive feedback from our patients keeps you as motivated as it does me – so thank you for making it possible. I feel truly fortunate to be part of a group of people so passionate, so fun, and so committed to building a better world.


ZocDoc CEO Misses the Days When Investors Used Real Checks