10 More Craigslist Personals About Occupy Wall Street (Now With More Ladies!)

Earlier this week we posted our favorite Craigslist “missed connections” and “casual encounters” at Occupy Wall Street. Has anyone made

All you need is love.

Earlier this week we posted our favorite Craigslist “missed connections” and “casual encounters” at Occupy Wall Street. Has anyone made a love connection down on Wall Street this month? Some star-crossed lovers, perhaps: Like a banker and a protester that’s been sleeping in the park for twenty days straight? We’d love to hear about it.

In the meantime, the post-Megamarch crowd on Craigslist is a lot more diverse: some women, some guy-on-guy love. And this one employer who happened to catch one his workers on the news…

1. Several questions here:

  • Is it legal to fire someone for protesting on their break time?
  • We’re imagining that this particular scenario involves someone in the financial sector protesting against the banks. If so, why would this person go on the news?
  • Why does the poster have to wait to Monday to fire their employees?
  • Why would someone deliberately go on the news ?
  • Won’t this just prove the point of many protesters: mainly that the so-called “1 %” is increasing unemployment rates in this city?

I saw 1 of my employees on the news (or should I say ex-employee)

Date: 2011-10-06, 3:59PM EDT
Reply to:

I saw him on the news with the Wall Street protesters. I cant wait to fire the idiot on Monday.


2. Look dude, we know who you are. Just stop it. Of course the scary part of this would be that either this guy lost three years of his life, Benjamin Button-style (he’s now 26 instead of 29), or that it’s now a catching trend to have hate-sex after protests. Does this involve roleplaying Mayor Bloomberg?

Date: 2011-10-06, 9:33PM EDT Reply to:

Going down to OWS tonight…want to take out some anger in the bedroom after?


3. In the first wave of Craigslist ads, we saw a couple people looking for somewhere to crash and shower in exchange for sex with the host. Now some people living in New York have picked up on that game. What they don’t realize is that only guys put out these ads offering sex in exchange for a shower. Unless it’s maybe this lady. And it’s still really creepy.

Warm shower and relaxation for female occupier(s) – m4w – 31 (Financial District)

Date: 2011-10-05, 12:28PM EDT Reply to:

#needsoftheoccupiers Are you a female who has been occupying wall street and sleeping in Liberty Plaza? Would you like a long hot shower and a little time on a couch to make you feel like a human again? I’ll be marching this afternoon and thought I would offer up the use of my shower and other first world amenities to any female occupiers who need their own calvin moment. Just trying to do my part to help out the hardcore who are sleeping in the park. This movement can’t stop, won’t stop. Safe, sane non sketchy guy here. Drop me a line and let’s meet up this afternoon!

4. Oh here we go, finally a woman looking for love at the protests being represented on Craigslist’s ad section! Female (sketchy) power! (P.S.: Love the “Winter is Coming” line.)

Adorable Wall Street Occupiers – 21 (Financial District)

Date: 2011-10-05, 9:35PM EDT Reply to:

Dear adorable male occupiers: Every day when I go down to Liberty Park to listen in on great conversations, attend the GA, march, lose my voice from shouting at marches, and have people line up to bum cigarettes, I want to make out with each and every one of you. Especially the tattooed and pierced and smelly. Double especially if you have a cute dog in tow. Triple especially if your sign is clever and you came up with it yourself. I can’t be the only girl in the park who feels this way, so if you feel like making out or fucking, perhaps all you handsome young anarchists should sit down next to girls and chat them up. Or allow yourselves to be chatted up. Just a suggestion. Winter’s coming on, you’ll need some way to keep warm.

5. Another (ostensible) lady! Finding women like this on Craigslist is  like finding an anti-establishment unicorn.
Date: 2011-10-06, 12:06AM EDT
Reply to:
i didn’t get a chance to talk to you but, jeez, you’re handsome. i tried to find you to start a conversation, but ended up taking wall street instead. who are you?

Actually, we think we know the guy she’s talking about…

10 More Craigslist Personals About Occupy Wall Street (Now With More Ladies!)