Robert Durst Spooks His New Harlem Neighbors

Robert Durst (Photo from Free Republic)

Word has gotten around that Robert Durst purchased a townhouse in Harlem, and, as happens to almost everybody, really, the neighbors are not pleased, the Post reports. The confessed murderer, former cross-dresser and son of one of New York’s most powerful real estate developers, will not be welcome with open arms if he does in fact decide to move into the property he recently purchased at 218 Lennox Avenue.

Mr. Durst admitted to shooting a neighbor in the face back in 2002, mincing the body and disposing it in Galveston Bay in Texas. Shocking as the crime may be, people were even more shocked that a jury found Mr. Durst had acted in self defense. He may have convinced his peers in Texas he’s innocent, but Harlem isn’t buying it. The Post found the community had some pretty strong feelings about their prospective neighbor.

He shouldn’t be able to move in here,” said Patricia Lizet, 67, a nursing assistant. “He’s a killer. He should be on some island by himself. I don’t want him living next to me. You can’t trust him. “No one wants an ex-killer in the community.

Others were concerned about the safety of their children. “I won’t be out here with my son,” one resident told the Post.  “It’s sad and scary. He didn’t have to chop his body up. That’s the creepy part.”

Certainly not helping Mr. Durst’s case ifs the fact that his new Harlem home is located right next to a funeral home. “If I disappear, go and check him out first,’’ the owner of Owens’ Funeral Home told the Post. Robert Durst Spooks His New Harlem Neighbors