A Bad Dream: Hot Hotel's Rooftop Bar Sued for Waitress Harrassment

The AVA Lounge

It looks like we’re not the only ones who have beef with the management at the Dream Hotel. The owner and general manager of the hotel’s rooftop bar, the AVA Lounge, got slapped with a fat lawsuit by former female employees, the Daily News reports.

The ladies claim they were harassed by the general manager, Jason Ash, who terrorized them with his libidinous advances.

Ash would also allegedly boast of his sexual conquests among the staff, crowing that he videotaped a romp in the office and snorted cocaine off the naked body of a female employee.

Sex? Blow? Inappropriate workplace relationships? Looks Mr. Ash has it all figured out!  The owner, Richard Addison, is named in the suit as well.

Yet another woman, Charkarmaly Sidney, claimed Addison and Ash would “inappropriately” rub against her and threaten to fire her if her breasts continued “shriveling.”

Hopefully Mr. Addison and Mr. Ash wrote a no shriveling bosom clause in their contracts. Other highlights of working at the Dream? The employees were reportedly referred to as “Titts,” “Thighs,” and “Double Ds” and, The Observer‘s personal favorite, “Fuckstick.” Creative!

According to their website, the AVA Lounge is “somewhere between… a grand hotel and the elegant home of a chic hostess.” The self described vibe? “Part Riviera, part Rome with inflections of South Beach.” They forgot to mention “stuffed inside a frat house.”


A Bad Dream: Hot Hotel's Rooftop Bar Sued for Waitress Harrassment