A POPS Up Gallery: Artists to Occupy Midtown Plaza Sunday

Occupy art!

Is there anything you can’t do in a Privately Owned Public Space?

So far, the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have managed to flout new provisions against lying down and erecting tents, while POPS activists have held parades and potlucks in these psuedo-parks. Now, a group of artists plans on taking one over this Saturday and turning it into a work space and gallery.

Called the POPS Art Project, the rally cum performance piece will bring together a handful of artists at 1 o’clock this coming Sunday. They are not simply making art but also a statement. Beyond exercising the right to occupy the space, the art made therein will of course be financially and economically themed and socially conscious.

The event is being held at Big Screen Plaza, behind the new Eventi Hotel at 835 Sixth Avenue. It is one of the city’s newest POPS, and an active one, frequently used for events. It was not immediately clear whether this one had been sanctioned, even if technically there was no way to keep it from happening—that has not stopped landlords before.

Among the artists taking part are Moth de la Cruz, Iliana Emilia Garcia, Scherezade Garcia, and Felix Morelo.

Will they be joined by their striking brethren from Sotheby’s? And what happens when these anti-capitalist works start selling for thousands at auction?

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