Andrew Cuomo on Occupy Wall Street: ‘We Enforce The Law’

Former Gov. David Paterson scored a rare interview with his successor, Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his drive time radio show today and the two discussed the Occupy Wall Street protests that have been roiling much of the nation and recently visited Albany.

This morning The Post’s Fred Dicker reported that Gov. Cuomo tried to clear the Albany park where the protesters were camped out, only to be defied by Mayor Jerry Jennings.

“I have total respect for the right of the demonstrators,” Mr. Cuomo said. ” It wasn’t too long ago, David, that I was out there myself, demonstrating with Russell Simmons on the Rockefeller drug laws. We had thousands of people show up in New York City, we had Jay-Z and Fifty Cent and we had a mini concert.”

It is probably worth nothing that throughout the interview Gov. Cuomo frequently referred to Gov. Paterson as “David,” while his predecessor addressed him as “Governor.”

Gov. Cuomo pointed out that these protests “are not a new situation for us” since hundreds of people come to Albany during the regular legislative session. He noted that there were probably close to 2,000 people towards the end of the session to weigh in on both same-sex marriage and the millionaire’s tax.

“We believe in the right to demonstrate,” Mr. Cuomo said. “We also believe in the rule of law and we will enforce the law.”

Gov. Cuomo noted that if there weren’t limits placed on the freedom of speech around the statehouse that it would be impossible for the business of government to get completed.





Andrew Cuomo on Occupy Wall Street: ‘We Enforce The Law’