Angry Birds Opens a Chicken Coop: Rovio to Open First Brick and Mortar Shop in China and Bootleg the Bootleggers

The company's crafty strategy to fight bootlegged Chinese merchandise will soon be launched, and they might go public after that.

Apparently, The People’s Republic of China is totally, completely, batshit crazy for Angry Birds, as indicated by gamemaker Rovio’s moves they’re making there.

We’re not talking the kind of Angry Birds craziness that exists in America, where people attend to the slingshot-weaponry of pissy, overwight birds at every possible moment whether opportune or not. Angry Birds is—according to the Finland-based gamemaker Rovio—one of the most copied/bootlegged brands in China, whose growing middle class is just sitting there, slinging birds, waiting for their incomes to be exploited for conspicuous consumption like the rest of the Western World. Enter—in the immortal words of Mel Brooks— merchandising, merchandising, merchandising.

Via Bloomberg, Rovio is opening their first store in China, where the brand is growing the fastest:

The company aims to hit $100 million in retail sales in China in the first year of store operations, Chief Marketing Officer Peter Vesterbacka said at the Techcrunch conference in Beijing today. He didn’t provide possible locations or say how many outlets the Espoo, Finland-based company plans to open.

Not only are they selling official gear, but via the Bloomberg report, they’ll be taking inspiration from bootlegged merchandise as ideas for official merch! Way to turn bad business on its back, Rovio, who gets pegged at selling “over a million units a month” of merch which makes up “10 to 20 percent” of their business.

The most compelling piece of the item, however, is when Rovio places their own worth at “probably worth more than” $1B. Even more:

The “insanely profitable” company may sell shares to the public as early as next year…

A truly likable tech IPO, possibly! Also, one that could sufficiently confuse a market unsure of its ability to get three starts on the first four boards of Angry Birds: Christmas Edition whether their success can be repeated in the form of a different game or multiplied through the singular brand of Angry Birds alone.

Angry Birds Opens a Chicken Coop: Rovio to Open First Brick and Mortar Shop in China and Bootleg the Bootleggers