Are the Chelsea Hotel Renovations Poisoning the Boarders?

Charming! (DNAinfo)

As if living inside of a construction site were not bad enough, your home denuded of its famous art and filled with hundred-year-old dust, it appears the renovations to the Chelsea Hotel could be making those still living there sick—at least that is what the boarders are arguing to DNAinfo, and they have hired an outside health probe to make their case.

Tenants are concerned that the building, constructed in 1884, is so old that dangerous building materials could inadvertently be released by workers during renovations. The final results from the environment assessment should be available within the next few days, Himmelstein said.

“I cannot make speculations, but I know when I breathe the air, I don’t feel comfortable,” said Zoe Pappas, an engineer and artist who lives in the hotel. “We could see the dust, we could see the debris coming through the elevator and through the lobbies.”

This may just be the tenants waging their latest war against the difficult and mysterious Joseph Chetrit, but when you see the video of the renovations, they’re sort of hard to argue with:

mchaban [at] | @MC_NYC Are the Chelsea Hotel Renovations Poisoning the Boarders?