Bloomberg Explains Why New York Isn’t Oakland

Protesters at the Occupy Oakland demonstrations. (Getty)

The riotous conflagration that happened in Oakland earlier this week couldn’t happen in New York City for one simple reason: no tear gas.

John Gambling, on his weekly chat with Mayor Mike Bloomberg on WOR this morning, tried to get Mr. Bloomberg to talk about the Oakland riots, but the mayor demurred.

“I can’t talk about other cities. Our responsibilities are to talk about your rights and your safety and I think we’re trying to do that,” the mayor said. “Other cities have different geographies, different numbers of police offices and firefighters, different training, different management. I don’t know. All I know, is it’s this administration’s responsibility to make sure that the New York City public has the world’s best police department, fire department, and I think we do.”

A little while later, however, Mayor Bloomberg offered his thoughts on East Bay, and suggested that they police there were forced to use tear gas because they lack the manpower of the NYPD.

“Oakland, I think they used tear gas,” he said “I talked to a couple of people about it and they said probably they just didn’t have enough cops. We don’t use tear gas. But on the other hand we have 35,000 uniformed police officers, 55,000 in the department, fire department is probably 14-15,000 men and women. We devote an enormous amount of money to having a very big, well-trained and well-managed and well-equipped staff in both of those agencies.”







Bloomberg Explains Why New York Isn’t Oakland