Bloomberg: Jamie Dimon Pays His Taxes, So Leave Him Alone

I got your back. (Central Park Conservancy)

The Occupy Wall Street protestors took The Observer‘s advice and decided to hit ’em where it hurts: at home. They marched on the Upper East Side today, setting up camp outside the homes of richie riches David Koch, Jamie Dimon, John Paulson and Rupert Murdoch.

At a press conference today, Mayor Bloomberg was asked about the march, and while he continued to uphold the protestors rights to do pretty much as they pleased in the city, he did not appreciate them picking on his neighbors.

“You know, Jamie Dimon is one of the greatest bankers, he’s brought more business to this city than maybe any other banker,” the mayor said of the JP Morgan CEO at the Bronx Library Center off Fordham Road, where he announced a new literacy initiative this afternoon. “To go and pick on him, I don’t know what that achieves. Jamie Dimon is honorable and works very hard and pays his taxes.”

And it was not just the guys at the top of the Wall Street firms the mayor felt were being unfairly singled out: “The majority of people who work in the financial services sector make something like $72,000 a year. They’re hard-working people and just bashing them doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

He seemed to think an Occupy Hollywood protest would be more appropriate. “You know a lot of people make a lot of money, athletes and actors, and other business people,” the mayor said.

Perhaps the marchers were simply too close to home.

Still, even if the mayor was annoyed, he was not showing it. “In terms of what the protestors are doing, you can rest assured we will uphold their first amendment right to protest as long as they obey the laws, and they are free to protest,” he said. “And if they break the laws and interfere with other people’s rights, that’s just unacceptable in our society and we will enforce the law.”

So, you heard the mayor. Keep annoying the Upper East Side, just do it peacefully.

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