By Large Majority, NYers Back Occupy Wall Street

A new poll out this afternoon from Quinnipiac University shows that the Occupy Wall Street protests have overwhelming support from New York City residents.

By a 67 – 23 percent margin, city voters say they agree with the views of the protesters and say 87 – 10 percent say that it is “okay that they are protesting.”

“It’s a free country.  Let them keep on protesting as long as they obey the law, New Yorkers say overwhelmingly,” said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.  “Critics complain that no one can figure out what the protesters are protesting.   But seven out of 10 New Yorkers say they understand and most agree with the anti-Wall Street views of the protesters.

Agreeing with the protesters views are Democrats 81 – 11 percent and independent voters 58 – 30 percent, while Republicans disagree 58 – 35 percent.  And Republicans agree 73 – 23 percent with the protesters right to be there.

New York City voters say 72 – 24 percent, including 52 – 41 percent among Republicans, that if the protesters obey the law, they can stay as long as they wish.




  By Large Majority, NYers Back Occupy Wall Street