Can You Meme Me Now? Canvas Adds Audio Remixes

Nyan Nyan na Nyan na

Canvas, the friendlier, more forward thinking cousin to Chris “Moot” Poole’s original meme generator, 4Chan, has just rolled an interesting twist. Up till now Canvas was an image board where users posted pics, remixed them, added badges and shared like crazy. Now Canvas users can add audio remixes, allowing anyone to scrape audio from YouTube and add it on to an image.

Like the rest of Canvas, everything happens in the browser using a set of lightweight tools, meaning images get remixed and re-shared at a rapid clip.

Combining audio with the animated GIFs that populate the site allows users to create miniature films in seconds. It’s bleeding edge fun for the new breed of web kids who talk pretty much exclusively through memes. More bad news for us old fashioned letters and words types.

Just to give you a sense of the activity on Canvas, since the post went up this morning, dozens and dozens of audio remixes have been posted to the rapidly growing thread.

  Can You Meme Me Now? Canvas Adds Audio Remixes