CCRC Chair Booth doesn’t accept Mitsch’s apology, won’t support him

Camden County Republican Committee Chairman Tom Booth today said he does not accept 6th Legislative District candidate Phil Mitsch’s apology for what the chairman deems a sexually inappropriate tweet Mitsch admits to having issued.

Booth’s full statement…

“I have received and reviewed Phil Mitsch’s press release apologizing for his offensive remarks via Twitter regarding women. As I stated when I demanded the apology and retraction from Mr. Mitsch, any apology would need to be sincere, contrite and demonstrate a real understanding of why his remarks were offensive.

“While Mr. Mitsch has apologized for his remarks, I found his apology overshadowed by the kind of excuse-making that is found too often in politics. Mr. Mitsch has failed to take ownership of his mistake. His excuse – that he was merely ‘paraphrasing’ what others have said – demonstrates a fundamental failure to appreciate why his statement was so wrong. There are many ‘old adages’ out there and the mere fact that such adages may have been around for a while or may have been used by some semi-famous celebrity does not make them correct or acceptable.

“Therefore, having given Mr. Mitsch a full and fair opportunity to address his remarks, and after careful consideration, it is with much regret that I declare he no longer has the support of the Camden County Republican Committee. Mr. Mitsch’s comments do not represent what the Camden County Republican party stands for. Anyone who shows such bias or who engages in conduct harmful to women – with their actions or their words – is, as the NJGOP and Sen. Diane Allen stated, unfit for public office. Political parties and their leaders must stand up against such conduct even when the individual involved is a member of their own party and that is why I have taken this strong action today because winning a political race is never as important as protecting the values and integrity of our Party.”

Mitsch’s apology below in the Phialdelphia Inquirer…


CCRC Chair Booth doesn’t accept Mitsch’s apology, won’t support him